1pcs Fishing Lure Minnow Wobblers Artificial Bait

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Looking for lifelike lures? Buy our 1pcs Fishing Lure Minnow which adopts developed environmental safety materials and not only has a high influence strength but also does not produce harmful importance to the environment. This Topwater Fishing Lure is designed to have the best credit so that the bait can swim at the quietest possible retrieval speed.

These Wobblers Artificial Bait have lifelike paintings and vivid 3D eyes, they create the bait that looks like real fish swimming in the water during fishing. Multi-layered reflective finishes and 3D realistic eyes can attract bass. Fishing Baits have extra significance on the belly, making them do a farther casting distance effortlessly. Suitable for freshwater and seawater, effective fishing tools for fishing lovers, and a great gift for a fisherman.

  • Easy to fish by barb hook.
  • Strong and sharp, like real fish.
  • Nice action in the water, a great tool for Fishing.
  • Multi Jointed Body moves flexible, simulation fish tail shows.


  • Category: LURE
  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Artificial Bait