50Pcs/Bag Swivels Fishing Connector Pin

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Our 50Pcs/Bag Swivels Connector is created of high stainless steel materials. Features of these fishing connectors such as high power, corrosion-resistant,scrape-resistant, ball directions on for high-speed rotation, and solid welded ring for high power. This Fishing Swivels Connector stainless steel and black nickel polish could prevent these from deteriorating in saltwater. 

These Fishhook Tackle Accessories are easy to use. The fast difference between your lure is simply unclipped and clip to another lure in seconds. Perfect to use it making your fishing leader will save much time. As an excellent option for kayaking fishing, drifting fishing, rock fishing, bass fishing, fly fishing. Wherever a temporary lure change is needed.

  • Freshwater and saltwater usefulness
  • Stainless-steel direction with fused rings
  • Easy to replacement of bait and fishing tackle
  • Ball-bearing barrel swivel with safety snap connector


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Position: LAKE
  • With Backrest or Not: No
  • Size: 2#/4#/6#/8#/10#/12#/14#