Fishing Soft Worm Hooks Wide Super Lock Fishhooks Lure

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Different fish demand different hooks. Choosing a suitable hook is extremely important. Our Fishing Soft Worm Hooks Set includes 10 various sizes that can fulfill most of your requirements and aid you become a fishing star. These Fishing Hooks are created of strong carbon steel, with high strength and corrosion opposition which help you catch fish in freshwater or saltwater. It is also comfortable to stow and transportation.

The Carbon Steel Hooks Set is created with individual pinpoint hooks and is actually sharp, for less mortality rate. Assistance fishers catch more fish, the highest quality angler equipment for all types of fisher. They are packaged in a Portable plastic box for keeping the various sizes untangled and straightforward to access. And no fish can exit from our hook. Enjoy the pleasure of fishing anytime, anywhere. The Super Lock Fishhooks Lure is an ideal gift for fishing lovers!

  • Easy to stow and transport
  • Includes 10 various sizes
  • Perfect gift for fishing lovers
  • Highest quality angler equipment for all types of fisher



Shape: Sharp
Material: High Carbon Steel
Type: Barbed Hook
Colors: Black Nickel