Frog Lure Soft Tube Bait Fishing Lure Hooks Topwater

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Are you searching for a realistic Frog Bait! Our Frog Lure Soft Tube Bait is guided for you. This Artificial lure is created of high-quality fishing bait of abs that can handle any big guy's forceful tearing. 2 strong carbon steel hooks assist you easily to capture any big fish when they smash the lure. The Fishing lures are painted with a laser wistful layer to repair the fish hierarchies themselves. 3D realistic eyes produce it improve the mastery of the fish and the acidity rate is particularly high.

This Fishing Lure Hooks Topwater is suiting for both saltwater and freshwater and procedures well in all water layers. It is wonderful for catching smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, Asian carp, and other fish in freshwater and saltwater. Its proper action and medium power are perfect for catching medium species such as walleye and bass It can still emit bass sound swells during swimming to facilitate the feeding intuition of fish and attract them to attack. Appreciate the joy of fishing anytime, anywhere.

  • 2 strong and snappy treble hooks
  • Brilliant colors and realistic Frog Bait
  • Real-looking frog colors and a realistic eye.
  • Fitting for both saltwater and freshwater and procedures nicely in all water layers.


  • Quantity: 1
  • Category: LURE
  • Type: Artificial Bait