Super-Strong Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

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Looking for fishing accessories? Hurry up get our Monofilament Fishing Line which is made with paralleled roll track technology, a variety of the two materials creates the fishing line exceptionally stable, high strength, and less period. This Super-Strong Nylon Fishing Line's amazing power allows it to withstand sudden, assertive strikes and delivers solid hooksets. It also provides excellent shock strength, scrape opposition, and knot strength for maximum strength

This KastKing Fishing Line fishing wire for balloons is thin and transparent, hidden indirect light or against a white background. It's Delivering extreme fighting power, durable mono leader Material features great surprise strength, superior scrape resistance, and high knot strength. Also, the mono leaders offer great properties anglers expect in a high-quality leader such as low stretch and excellent clearness.

  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Engineered to help anglers catch more fish
  • The most trusted name in all fishing gear
  • Incredible strength for confidence and control


  • Meters: 500m
  • Material: Nylon
  • Style: Practically invisible in the water.
  • Position: Ocean Boat Fishing, LAKE, River