Lifelike Swim Shad Fishing lures

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Our Lifelike Shad Fishing Lures are made of high-quality material and provided with a built-in rattle, this vibe lure can continually emit the fish sound wave during swimming to prompt the feeding desire of the fishes and force them to thrash. This Artificial Fishing Lures ​have soft lifelike bodies with lead inside. Lifelike colors make the swimbait like a real fish and it has an Ultra-sharp carbon steel lives bait hook. The soft fishing lure produces fish hard to escape once bait.

This Swim Shad Fishing Lure has ultra-realistic 3D eyes and fish gills plate. Developed with a unique segmented body and features a hard-pounding paddle tail, create enticing kicks. The lures do not just incorporate the usefulness of the life-like swimming style of challenging segmented lures but also retain the original features of soft bait. The fishes will not be able to overlook this lure.

  • Ultra-sharp hooks
  • High-quality link parts
  • Realistic shape looks
  • 3D realistic looking eyes


  • Category: LURE
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Position: Ocean Boat Fishing, Lake, River