Meredith Crazy Shiner Fishing Lure Artificial Soft Wobbler Bass Bait

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Our Meredith Crazy Shiner Fishing Lure has a life-like minnow formation, perfect size, and exceptional color showing you a real optical experience and made of high-quality ABS material and supplied with a built-in rattle. This Fishing Lure plop violently and forcefully, producing popping sounds to entice fish. Oversized spinning flipper begins noisy feeling fever to give off the campaign, driving fierce strikes every time.

This Artificial Soft Wobbler Bass Bait is suited for both saltwater and freshwater and strategies nicely in all water layers. Its proper action and medium power are ideal for catching medium species such as walleye and bass and are prepared to hold a 6-17 lb line weight and 1/8-1/2 oz lure weights. It is incredible for catching smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, Asian carp, and other fish in freshwater and saltwater.

  • It regards soft and sticky
  • High-quality fishing bait of abs
  • Ideal size and amazing color
  • Rotating tail fishing lures in water can make noise and bluster that fish can not ignore


  • Category: LURE
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Weight: 3g 6g 10.5g 17.4g
  • Length: 70mm 90mm 110mm 130mm