Needle Sinking Floating Fishing Lure

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The shape of this Floating Fishing Lure is an extremely versatile pencil bait that imitates one of the most common prey: the needlefish. It is good for attracting fish and long casting, with the various recovery actions it lends itself to being used both in very fast recovery conditions and active fish and in conditions of slower recovery with more apathetic fish. This internal design can enhance the ability to do far casting as well. 

This Needle Fishing Lure is made of new abs engineering material which has high-pressure resistance. 3d fish eyes make the lure look more realistic. It is equipped with 2 strong hooks with sharp barbs and good penetration power. It has a one-through wire going through the whole body and this can make sure this lure withstands larger force. This hard pencil lure is also suitable for leer fish, bluefish, barracuda etc.

  • It has a unique fishing scale design.
  • Good for attracting fish and long casting.
  • Its extremely aerodynamic shape allows very long casts.


  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Length: 205mm(8.07in) 130mm(5.12in)
  • Weight(Floating): 30g(1.06oz)/11g(0.39oz)
  • Weight(Sinking): 40g(1.41oz)/13g(0.46oz)
  • Material: ABS Material