Silicone Artificial Fishing Lures Wobblers Carp Fishing Soft Baits

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Makes a great gift with our Silicone Artificial Fishing Lures which are ideal for fishing all your favorite lakes, rivers, and streams. The Soft Bait Swimbait is wonderful for all species of fish. The soft material that we use actually makes this lure great, it's very long-lasting and very severe. You may have days with dozens of fish on one lure exclusively and these lure's colors are tested and confirmed to work. We provide catchy colors to fit every various environment.

This Wobblers Carp Fishing Soft Bait is the various colors for hooking award size flounder and speckled trout and a Flawless replica for oyster worms. You can depend that our lures will survive a long time and will support you in catching a lot of fish. The Realistic look of earthworm attracts fish to attack. It is Fantastic for catching smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, Asian carp, and other fish in freshwater and saltwater.

  • It allows fishers to catch more fish,
  • Allows you to catch fish in freshwater or saltwater.
  • Always emits bass sound swells during swimming
  • Perfect for fishing all your favorite lakes, rivers, and streams.


  • Category: LURE
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Weight: 0.88g/1.65g/2.4g/4.8g
  • Length: 50mm 65mm 75mm 100mm