Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig

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If you searching for multi-lure fishing tools Let's know our Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig which is made of high-quality steel material, durable and reusable, increases the strength of the catching, and is fortunate for multiple kinds of marks fish. This Fishing Bait Kit is very simple because the swimbait and the lead hook are perfectly combined, you can’t see multiply scattered reserves. Just hang the swimbait on the Rigs arms and you can use it.

This Ultralight Willow Multi-Lure Rig is a suitable and easy-to-use immediate lock-open design that allows you to change leads or lures in seconds. Results for all kinds of fishing situations. It gathers multiple swim Baits for fishing, which has the development of amplifying and attracting fish and increasing the speed of fishing. It can be used with soft bait such as fish-shaped bait and shrimp-shaped bait.
  • Works for all kinds of fishing situations.
  • Made of high-quality steel material
  • Snaps and swivels are convenient and easy to use
  • Strong and flexible arms, Stainless steel swivels&split ring


  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Category: Other Bait
  • Position: Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE, River

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